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Evaluating the Social Impact of Fair for You

In December 2015, Fair for You Enterprise CIC launched with its initial offering of affordable, unsecured, loans to help people on low to middle incomes purchase essential household goods.  Fair for You Enterprise CIC is a Community Interest Company wholly owned by Fair for You Ltd, a registered charity which has as its aims: [...]

Using Insight and Innovation to Benefit Low Income Households

January 2016 Over the past forty years the well being of households and businesses has become increasingly dependent on their relationship with financial services. Financial services offer the potential to help manage fluctuations in income and expenditure, build resilience against future shocks, and provide the means for people to take advantage of opportunities. Yet [...]

Buy the Book

'Britain's personal debt crisis: how we got here and what to do about it' is now available from Amazon. The book charts the rise of credit in the UK over the past forty years and provides an analysis of how this has damaged the resilience of households and our nation's economy as a whole. [...]

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