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Improving the Financial Health of Low Income Groups

A new CfRC report identifies the need for new funding programmes to be established to meet the debt and financial capability advice needs of low income groups, including low paid workers and private tenants. The research (‘Improving the Financial Health of Low Income Groups’), which was supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, reviewed how low [...]

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Risk of recession increases as household consumer credit debt burden hits ‘danger level’

The latest quarterly National Accounts data (released by the Office for National Statistics at the end of September) show a continued worsening of the household debt burden.  The household debt problem is now particularly acute for those with consumer credit debts and increases the risks of a new recession. Our measure of the household debt [...]

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Better local data needed to help tackle household debt

Britain’s household debt problem has a local dimension.  Communities with high concentrations of lower income, younger households and with high densities of rented housing are more likely to experience problem debt. This concentration of household debt reduces household consumption and so constrains local economic growth.  Over-indebtedness is also associated with poor health and negatively impacts [...]

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