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About CfRC

The Centre for Responsible Credit (CfRC) is a dedicated research and policy unit established in 2010.  After initially being hosted by the Learning and Work Institute, the Centre was established as its own, not for profit, limited company in February 2020.  The Centre:

  • monitors the development of credit markets
  • conducts research into the extent of over-indebtedness, the effectiveness of regulation and the impacts of financial health programmes and financial services provision, and
  • promotes policy responses designed to protect the long term interests of households and sustainable economic growth.

We are particularly focused on the U.K but, given the global nature of credit markets, also work in partnership with similarly focused organisations at an international level and we are affiliated to the European Coalition for Responsible Credit.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • High quality research, utilising both quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Strategic consultancy at all levels, including for local partnerships seeking to address over-indebtedness in working class communities
  • News and analysis of the latest policy, regulatory and practice developments, and
  • Policy driven events, including our flagship Annual Responsible Credit UK Conference.

The work of the Centre is guided by an Advisory Group of leading academics and consumer activists drawn from across the UK and abroad.