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Fair for You makes the case for a massive expansion of affordable credit

A new CfRC report highlights the huge social benefits that could be achieved if Government were to widen the access to affordable, not for profit, alternatives to high cost credit. The report is based on research involving more than 1,000 low income customers of Fair for You – a new national, not for profit alternative [...]

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The closure of BrightHouse stores is good news but we need to alert people to the Fair for You alternative

The largest rent-to own company in the UK, BrightHouse, has recently announced that it is set to close a number of its stores, as it struggles to cope with increased regulatory scrutiny of its business practices. Commenting on this development, CfRC Director, Damon Gibbons, said: “The recent announcement that BrightHouse is set to close 28 [...]

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CfRC Annual Conference | Building a financially healthy society

28th February, The Foundry, London 2017 is set to be a critical year. The failings of the UK's economic model, which is heavily reliant on consumer spending, are becoming apparent as households face a further attack on their living standards caused by the slide in Sterling.  High levels of household indebtedness, rising levels of low paid [...]

Trialling ‘supported rent flexibility’ for social housing tenants

  The Centre for Responsible Credit, with funding from the Money Advice Service What Works? Fund, is trialling a programme of 'supported rent flexibility' with social housing tenants with dependent children in London and the South East. Prior research indicates that low income families face reasonably predictable pressures on their budgets at various points in [...]

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