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The FCA is guilty of ‘regulatory failure’. Politicians must act to protect low income credit card borrowers

A new report, published jointly by CfRC, New Economics Foundation, Jubilee Debt Campaign and Research for Action today, shows that the FCA are failing to adequately protect consumers from high interest costs on credit cards, and calls for a cap on the total cost of charges that borrowers pay. The report includes new analysis [...]

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How Rent-flex works: case study three, engaging tenants and providing a savings vehicle

A 50 year old female single parent with a teenage daughter was housed by Optivo following the end of an abusive relationship and a period of homelessness. She had successfully completed her training to become a nurse but had not yet secured a job, and when she was contacted about the Rent-flex scheme in [...]

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How Rent-flex works: case study two, smoothing income and building confidence

A 32 year old single parent, with four children aged between five and twelve, and with a history of debt problems joined the Rent-flex scheme in August 2017.  Two years previously she had been working part-time but had been using credit cards to pay for food and other essentials. Following debt advice she had [...]

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How Rent-flex works: case study one, paying off debt and stabilising finances

Following the announcement about the extension of Rent-flex trials we will be publishing a number of case studies over the remainder of this week which illustrate how tenants in the scheme have used Rent-flex, and the impacts that this has had.  Next month we will be publishing the full 12 month evaluation of the [...]

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