Evaluating the Financial Health Fellowship Programme

The Centre for Responsible Credit is externally evaluating the Financial Health Fellowship Programme, which has been delivered over the past six months by the Finance Innovation Lab in partnership with Toynbee Hall.  Undertaking the evaluation has involved directly observing several activities, including monthly sessions, one of the leadership retreats, and the pitch practice and recent [...]

BrightHouse: The FCA’s actions are not sufficient

It’s been a long time coming, and even now it’s still not good enough. Earlier this week some modicum of justice was finally delivered to the long suffering customers of BrightHouse.  Following a lengthy investigation, the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') has concluded that BrightHouse has been irresponsible by lending to (and to our mind, therefore [...]

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One week to go, and we have a fantastic line-up for you…

Next Monday our joint conference with Toynbee Hall's Financial Health Exchange will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss how we can use new approaches and innovations to improve the financial health of low to middle income households today.   With an amazing line-up of speakers, 'Improving Financial Health: new approaches and innovations' is [...]

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Join us on 30th October to discuss the future of Financial Health

Draft programme now available here An increasing number of British households are in extremely poor financial health; either highly indebted, lacking adequate savings, or both.  The intense financial pressure that many households are currently under is forcing us to re-think the design of services and products to ensure that these meet the realities of their [...]

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The FCA should act now to cap credit card costs

The Centre for Responsible Credit warmly welcomes the Labour Party's commitment to tackling Britain's personal debt crisis. In his speech at the Party's annual conference, Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell today described "...a society steeped in debt and scarred by low pay and insecurity, with our public services in meltdown" and promised to establish a "thorough [...]

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The decline of local welfare schemes in England

Local welfare provision in England is at risk of collapsing if Government does not urgently review its approach and step in with more funding for local authorities. A failure to act will create widespread destitution, and put even greater pressure on already over-stretched housing, health, and social care services. Those are the key messages from [...]

Improving Financial Health: new approaches and innovations

We've teamed up with the Financial Health Exchange at Toynbee Hall to deliver a fantastic new conference in London on 30th October. Too many households in Britain today are struggling with a combination of outstanding debt, low or no savings, and increasing pressure on incomes. Many are also finding it difficult to budget effectively due [...]

Politics needs to address Britain’s emerging consumer debt crisis

This briefing draws upon the latest data from the UK Economic Accounts released by the Office for National Statistics on 31st March 2017  (covering the period up to December 2016) and from the Bank of England’s NMG Consulting survey[1] (‘the NMG survey’) to provide information about the level and distribution of the household consumer credit [...]

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