Redesigning Financial Services and Support Conference. Last chance for early bird prices

      View in browser | Subscription Preferences Redesigning financial services and support 25 April 2018 | Resource for London Extended early bird discount until Friday 16 March CfRC and Toynbee Hall’s Financial Health Exchange are delighted to host this conference which will explore the new approaches to regulation and the delivery of financial [...]

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The true extent of Britain’s household debt crisis: why we need a Jubilee

The Centre for Responsible Credit ('CfRC') and Jubilee Debt Campaign have today called on the Government, the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority to instigate a Household Debt Jubilee in order to release low income households from billions of ‘unjust’ consumer credit debt. In a joint briefing paper, to be launched at a [...]

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Reshaping Financial Support – Local Authority Scoping Exercise

We are delighted to announce that CfRC has been commissioned by the Local Government Association to help scope out potential improvements to financial support for low income households, and suggest possible trials of new approaches in 2018/19. The research will involve working closely with up to ten local authorities between now and the end of [...]

Redesigning Financial Services and Support | NEW Conference 25th April, London

The financial services market is changing. Open Banking, developments in the use of Artificial Intelligence, and the creation of new payment platforms and FinTech applications pose both opportunities and threats for low to middle income households. Opportunities: to provide more targeted services and products tailored to meet their immediate and longer term needs. Threats: that vulnerable [...]

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Evaluating the Financial Health Fellowship Programme

The Centre for Responsible Credit is externally evaluating the Financial Health Fellowship Programme, which has been delivered over the past six months by the Finance Innovation Lab in partnership with Toynbee Hall.  Undertaking the evaluation has involved directly observing several activities, including monthly sessions, one of the leadership retreats, and the pitch practice and recent [...]

BrightHouse: The FCA’s actions are not sufficient

It’s been a long time coming, and even now it’s still not good enough. Earlier this week some modicum of justice was finally delivered to the long suffering customers of BrightHouse.  Following a lengthy investigation, the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA') has concluded that BrightHouse has been irresponsible by lending to (and to our mind, therefore [...]

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One week to go, and we have a fantastic line-up for you…

Next Monday our joint conference with Toynbee Hall's Financial Health Exchange will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss how we can use new approaches and innovations to improve the financial health of low to middle income households today.   With an amazing line-up of speakers, 'Improving Financial Health: new approaches and innovations' is [...]

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Join us on 30th October to discuss the future of Financial Health

Draft programme now available here An increasing number of British households are in extremely poor financial health; either highly indebted, lacking adequate savings, or both.  The intense financial pressure that many households are currently under is forcing us to re-think the design of services and products to ensure that these meet the realities of their [...]

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The FCA should act now to cap credit card costs

The Centre for Responsible Credit warmly welcomes the Labour Party's commitment to tackling Britain's personal debt crisis. In his speech at the Party's annual conference, Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell today described "...a society steeped in debt and scarred by low pay and insecurity, with our public services in meltdown" and promised to establish a "thorough [...]

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