Research and Consultancy

The Centre provides high quality, politically independent, research on the three themes of:

We have experience of a wide range of quantitative and qualititative research methods, and mainly utilise the skills of research staff within Learning and Work Institute to deliver our projects.

However, we also use our own associate staff in some instances and are always keen to hear from researchers and policy experts who would like to work with us.

As well as providing research services, we have often supported national and local partnerships by providing strategic consultancy.  For example, at the national level we have supported the Community Investment Coalition to develop a framework for the disclosure of bank lending patterns and helped to draft amendments to the Financial Services Act 2012 which they used as part of their campaign.  Locally, we have recently provided support to help develop a Fair Finance Strategy for Leicester and Leicestershire, and we have previously aided projects in the North East to bring the voices of working class people into national policy and regulatory debates.  That work has been particularly helpful in determining our approach to the high cost Rent to Own sector.

Our consultancy work is often provided on a pro bono or reduced rate basis for smaller Voluntary and Community Sector agencies and nascent campaigns with which we have an affinity, and we are always pleased to hear from people with proposals for collaboration.  If you would like to get in touch, either because you have some ideas where we could work together or because you are interested in working for us on an associate basis, then please send a brief e-mail to