Current Projects

Transforming the landlord - resident relationship

Led by the Centre for Responsible Credit and Well Thought, and co-created with residents and national housing associations, a new approach has been developed.

At its simplest, rent-flex offers a new way for residents to plan and pay their rent, however, at the core of rent-flex is a ‘joint planning’ framework with potential to transform the landlord – resident relationship

Residents are offered personalised rent payment plans: providing them with the opportunity to pay less rent in months when money is tight, and slightly more when things are that little bit easier.

In exchange, residents engage with support services and keep their housing provider informed of their financial situation so any extra help required can be provided.

To find out more about rent-flex, visit the website here!

Financial Shield is piloting a new approach to improve support for people with health and financial problems in Lambeth and Southwark, with the potential for national roll out.

Funded by Impact on Urban Health, the project forms part of their wider programme to improve outcomes for people with multiple long-term health conditions.  

Financial Shield will be tested with up to 2,000 people in Lambeth and Southwark through to September 2022. Led by the Centre for Responsible Credit, the pilot brings Primary Care Networks, social prescribing teams, and creditors together with advice and community based support agencies to provide a holistic response to people’s financial and health support needs.  You can find out more about the members of our Financial Shield partnership here.