We Are Debt Advisers

Let's create a better 'breathing space'

In May 2021 the Government introduced a new ‘breathing space’ scheme for people in debt in England & Wales.

We are front-line debt advisers, and we are worried it won’t work.

We all want ‘breathing space’ to work.

But Government isn’t listening.  Its proposals for the scheme haven’t changed since the Covid outbreak.
The world we all live in has. With millions more of us struggling to make ends meet.
As debt advisers, we need to be given the time to do our jobs properly. And people in debt need real solutions.
Government needs to listen to the front-line.

We need more time to help people claim the benefits they are entitled to and people who have lost their jobs need more time and support to get back into work.
The sixty days ‘breathing space’, which has been introduced, just isn’t long enough. Especially when unemployment is forecast to increase by a further million in the next year.
We also want action to prevent debt problems from turning into long-term poverty. People in debt need to be able to live with dignity and many will need a ‘fresh start’.
Let’s give people in debt a real chance for a better future.


We Are Debt Advisers

Bringing the voices of front-line debt advisers into policy making

The debt advice sector is facing challenging times, with more complex cases, increasing demand, and changes to the funding of front-line advice in England and Wales.

Let's save face to face debt advice

We are front-line debt advisers, and we are worried about the future of face-to-face services.