Social Impact & Evaluations


What have timelords got to do with credit?

Prior to the lockdown, CfRC’s Executive Director, Damon Gibbons, participated in an event run by IFF Research about creative problem solving. His speech identified expenditure demands relative to income at specific points in time as the cause of most financial difficulty. Solutions need to help expenditure flex over time rather than focus on increasing temporary income levels through access to credit.

Social impact of Fair for You estimated at £50m

CfRC reports on the social impact of Fair for You. By providing fair, decent, and flexible loans to help low income families obtain essential household items including beds, cookers, fridges, and washing machines, Fair for You has not only eased their financial burdens but also had hugely positive impacts for their health and well-being, including that of their children.

CfRC reports to Commonwealth Central Bank Governors

Last year the Centre for Responsible Credit was commissioned by The Commonwealth to provide a discussion paper on rising levels of household debt and how to mitigate its impacts for households and economies.