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A new direction in the measurement of household debt burdens

The Bank of England's latest Financial Stability Review uses a new measure of household debt burdens, designed to take account of cost-of-living pressures. We provide our assessment, arguing for greater transparency concerning its method of calculation. At present, the Bank may be underplaying the financial stability risks associated with household debt and further interest rate rises could compound this further.

What role does credit have in the cost-of-living crisis?

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, Executive Director, Damon Gibbons, questions whether credit expansion to households is part of the solution, or whether it would be better to extend help to service providers in return for commitments to keep prices down.

Lords to debate 'fair debt write-down' amendment to Financial Services Bill

The House of Lords will this week debate an amendment to the Financial Services Bill to ensure a “fair debt-write down” is incorporated within Government’s plans for a Statutory Debt Repayment Plan.